Darin Gehrke

With a keen interest in the relationship between people and handmade objects, Darin is a potter who is thankful to occasionally have the opportunity to see or hear how someone is living with and using a piece that he created. This type of experience is his main motivation for creating pottery. In order to facilitate these interactions, Darin’s goal is to make pottery that is striking and functional. While visiting a friend’s home in China, he observed, while having tea, there is an interaction between people and the pottery. During this social time, guest and host alike consider the other first, by making sure no one has to fill their own cup. When participating in this activity, Darin reflected upon the idea that the pottery could influence the social interaction; even if only in a subconscious way. As he diligently builds his own pieces, this memory influences what is created



Weathered Green

Weathered Green


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